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UserToken Class

Object returned by the API when logging in. Contains information about the user and the token.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  ParaPlanREST.Models
Assembly:  ParaPlanREST (in ParaPlanREST.dll) Version: (
public class UserToken : RESTModelBase

The UserToken type exposes the following members.

Public methodUserToken
Initializes a new instance of the UserToken class
Public propertyAssignedRoute
The Route assigned to this user (Drivers only)
Public propertyAssignedTimes
A string describing when the user will be working (Drivers only)
Public propertyAssignedTripCount
Public propertyAssignedVehicle
The Vehicle assigned to this user (Drivers only)
Public propertyAvailableFundingSources
The program names that the mobility manager is allowed to schedule with
Public propertyCanCallClients
Public propertyCanCancel
Public propertyCanScheduleTrips
Public propertyCanViewVehicles
Public propertyClientCanRequestRecurringRides
Public propertyClientCanRequestTrips
Public propertyClientID
Public propertyCollectGPS
Public propertyCopayPaymentTypes
Public propertyCurrentDriverBreakID
Public propertyDatabaseID
Public propertyDefaultPaymentType
Public propertyDeviceToken
Public propertyerrorMessage (Inherited from RESTModelBase.)
Public propertyKey
Public propertyLocalDriverID
Public propertyName
Public propertyPPPAccess
The level of access this user has to the ParaPlan Passenger Portal
0 = Not Registered
1 = Has Access
2 = Blocked
3 = Needs Validation
Public propertyProviderCanRequestTrips
Public propertyProviderCanViewClientDetails
Public propertyProviderPrograms
Public propertyProviderProgramsList
Public propertyRESTUrl
Public propertysuccess (Inherited from RESTModelBase.)
Public propertytokenExists (Inherited from RESTModelBase.)
Public propertytokenIsValid (Inherited from RESTModelBase.)
Public propertyUserId
Public propertyUserType
The Type of user that is logging in
0 = Driver
1 = Mobility Manager
2 = Client
Public methodCanProceed (Inherited from RESTModelBase.)
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