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ParaPlanREST.Models Namespace

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Public classAccessibility
Information about a rider's mobility restrictions and mobility devices.
Public classAddTripRequestResponse
Public classAttribute
Key-value storage for simple storage needs
Public classCancelCode
Object for consuming cancel codessss
Public classChatMessage
Public classChatStatus
Public classChatThread
Public classChatUser
Public classClient
An individual that takes rides in ParaPlan.
Public classEquipmentType
Public classFleetmanager
Public classListResponseT
Public classObjectResponseT
Public classPlace
Public classProgram
information about a program that a client will ride under
Public classReservation
Public classRESTModelBase
Public classRESTTrip
Public classSampleItem
Public classSimpleResponse
Public classStop
A leg of a trip
Public classUpdateBreakResponse
Public classUpdatedTrips
Public classUpdateExtraRiderResponse
Public classUserCandidate
Information about a potential user of ParaPlan Passenger Portal
Public classUserToken
Object returned by the API when logging in. Contains information about the user and the token.
Public classValidateUserToken
Public classVehicle
Public classVehicleLocation
Public classVerifiedUser
Information about a user that has passed validation