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Filespecs Class

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Namespace:  ParaPlan.Entities
Assembly:  ParaPlanDll (in ParaPlanDll.dll) Version: 4.0.8861.21698
public class Filespecs : EntitiesBase, INotifyPropertyChanged

The Filespecs type exposes the following members.

Public methodFilespecs
Default emtpy constructor
Public propertyAgencyName
Public propertyAllowAutoLogin
If this agency allows the system to automatically login users
Public propertyAllowSavedPassword
If this agency allows the users to save thier password
Public propertyAmountEarlyForDO
Gets or sets BufferWindowForDO
Public propertyAmountEarlyForPU
Gets or sets AmountEarlyForPU
Public propertyAmountLateForDO
Gets or sets AmountLateForDO
Public propertyAmountLateForPU
Gets or sets BufferWindowForPU
Public propertyapSeedMax
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Public propertyAssignmentTargetOptions
Public propertyAutoDispatch
If the system should automatically assign a dispatch time when assigning a trip to a route
Public propertybeMDB
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Public propertybePath
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Public propertybuildOn
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Public propertybuMDB
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Public propertybuPath
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Public propertyClientRideTimeMaxRidingTime
Gets or sets ClientRideTimeMaxRidingTime
Public propertyConnectPreferences
Public propertyDatabaseID
ID in the database for this object
(Overrides EntitiesBase.DatabaseID.)
Public propertydb
The id of the database this object belongs too.
Public propertyDefaultBirthdateForNewClients
Gets or sets DefaultBirthdateForNewClients
Public propertyDefaultCity
The City that this agency typically operates in
Public propertyDefaultEligibiltyStatusForNewClients
Gets or sets DefaultEligibiltyStatusForNewClient
Public propertyDefaultEndTime
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Public propertyDefaultReturnTime
Public propertyDefaultSchedulingCanvasView
Gets or sets DefaultSchedulingCanvasView
Public propertyDefaultStartTime
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Public propertyDefaultState
The State that this agency typically operates in
Public propertyDefaultTripDateOffset
Public propertyDF
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Public propertyDispatcherEmail
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Public propertyDispatchViewCancelledColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewCancelledColor
Public propertyDispatchViewDispatchedColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewDispatchedColor
Public propertyDispatchViewDriverDownloadedColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewDriverDownloadedColor
Public propertyDispatchViewDroppedOffColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewDroppedOffColor
Public propertyDispatchViewNoShowColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewNoShowColor
Public propertyDispatchViewPickedUpColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewPickedUpColor
Public propertyDispatchViewScheduledColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewScheduledColor
Public propertyDispatchViewUnscheduledColor
Gets or sets DispatchViewUnscheduledColor
Public propertyDisplayImage
This object's visual representation
(Overrides EntitiesBase.DisplayImage.)
Public propertyDownloadedTripTriggersBackgroundUpdate
Gets or sets DownloadedTripTriggersBackgroundUpdate
Public propertydPath
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Public propertyDriverDisplayName
Gets or sets DriverDisplayName
Public propertyDriverPreferences
Public propertyDT
Deviation Time
Public propertyDummyFields
Dummy Fields
Public propertygbDate
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Public propertygbIP
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Public propertygbVer
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Public propertygCost1
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Public propertygCost2
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Public propertygCost3
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Public propertygCost4
The default way a client is returning from a trip (Callback, pickup @ or no return)
Public propertyGenerateClientInvoiceWhenSaveToHistory
If we should automatically generate invoices for clients when the date is saved to history
Public propertyGenerateProgramInvoiceWhenSaveToHistory
If we should automatically generate invoices for programs when the date is saved to history
Public propertygMBX
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Public propertygPath
Dispatch number used for IVR
Public propertygTimeType
The default request time (P or D)
Public propertyID
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Public propertyIncomeSortByName
Gets or sets IncomeSortByName
Public propertyInvoiceTemplate
Gets or sets InvoiceTemplate
Public propertyiOSCombineClientAndTripComment
Gets or sets iOSCombineClientAndTripComment
Public propertyiOSDefaultPaymentType
Gets or sets iOSDefaultPaymentType
Public propertyiOSDisplayProgramBilled
Gets or sets iOSDisplayProgramBilled
Public propertyLocation
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Public propertymaxRT
This agency's default travel time
Public propertyMIV
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Public propertyMMServer
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Public propertyMore
Public propertymPath
Caller ID for IVR
Public propertyMPHCityMajor
Gets or sets CityMajorMPH
Public propertyMPHCityMajorDistance
Gets or sets MPHCityMajorDistance
Public propertyMPHCityMinor
Public propertyMPHCityMinorDistance
Gets or sets MPHCityMinorDistance
Public propertyMPHHighway
Gets or sets MPHHighway
Public propertymTAB1
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Public propertymTAB2
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Public propertymTAB3
Kyle Edit.
Public propertymTAB4
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Public propertymTAB5
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Public propertymTAB6
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Public propertyNewClientsHaveWCByDefault
Gets or sets NewClientsHaveWCByDefault
Public propertyParaPlanPassengerAccessLevel
The access level this agency provides to users of ParaPlan Passenger Portal 0 = Not Allowed 1 = Full Access 1 is the default value
Public propertyPassioAgency
Public propertyPassioTableMapping
Public propertyPassioToken
Public propertyPassioType (Overrides EntitiesBase.PassioType.)
Public propertyPassioUserId
Public propertyPassioUsername
Public propertyPF
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Public propertyPhoneMask
Gets or sets PhoneMask
Public propertyppmMDB
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Public propertyppmYN
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Public propertyqPath
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Public propertyRC
Riding Constant - how much buffer in minutes to add to the trip to allow for multiple riders
Public propertyRemoveDroppedOffTripsFromActiveFilter
Gets or sets RemoveDroppedOffTripsFromActiveFilter
Public propertyRF
Riding Factor
Public propertyrouteOn
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Public propertyShowClientMiddleInitial
Gets or sets ShowClientMiddleInital
Public propertyShowDeleteClientsButtonOnSidebar
Public propertysMBX
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Public propertysMTN
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Public propertysPath
Name of agency for IVR
Public propertyssAge
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Public propertysTab
Kyle Edit.
Public propertyTreatBrokerPUTimeAsTripTime
Gets or sets TreatBrokerPUTimeAsTripTime
Public propertyTripHistoryBackFillDate
Gets or sets TripHistoryBackFillDate
Public propertyUseNeighborhoodForCity
Gets or sets UseNeighborhoodForCity
Public propertyUseNewSaveToHistory
Gets or sets UseNewSaveToHistory
Public propertyWarnBeforeSchedulingCancelledTrip
Public propertyWindowTitle (Overrides EntitiesBase.WindowTitle.)
Public propertywpSeedMax
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Public methodConnectPrefsFromJson
Protected methodCreateRules
Generates the rules for this class
(Overrides EntitiesBase.CreateRules.)
Public methodDelete
Deletes this record from the database
(Overrides EntitiesBase.Delete.)
Public methodDriverPrefsFromJson
Public methodEquals
Compares this object to another FileSpecs object
(Overrides ObjectEquals(Object).)
Protected methodFinalize (Overrides ObjectFinalize.)
Public methodGetHashCode
return base.GetHashCode();
(Overrides EntitiesBase.GetHashCode.)
Public methodGetType
Gets the Type of the current instance.
(Inherited from Object.)
Protected methodMemberwiseClone
Creates a shallow copy of the current Object.
(Inherited from Object.)
Public methodMorePrefsFromJson
Public methodPassioChildObjectsPopulated (Overrides EntitiesBase.PassioChildObjectsPopulated.)
Public methodPassioJSONPut (Overrides EntitiesBase.PassioJSONPut.)
Public methodPopulate
Constructs this object from the database. Identifying information must be populated
(Overrides EntitiesBase.Populate.)
Public methodSave
Saves this record to the database
(Overrides EntitiesBase.Save.)
Public methodToString
Returns a string that represents the current object.
(Inherited from Object.)
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