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ConnectPrefs Properties

The FilespecsConnectPrefs type exposes the following members.

Public propertyAdvancedNoticedRequired
The number of minutes for advance notice that is required
Public propertyAssignmentTarget
Public propertyAutoApproveRequests
Public propertyAutoScheduleHierarchy
Public propertyCanCreateApptRequest
Public propertyCanRequestAnyDOLocation
Public propertyCanRequestAnyPULocation
Public propertyCanRequestReturnTrip
Public propertyDefaultProgram
Public propertyDefaultStatusType
Public propertyDefaultTint
Public propertyDefaultTintString
Public propertyDisplayName
Public propertyFAQLink
Public propertyGeneralPublicOnDemandRiderId
Public propertyLogo
Public propertyMobilityPlatform
Public propertyNegotiationRange
Set to >0 if dispathers can negotiate times with riders. This is how many minutes they can negotiate
Public propertyOwnerLink
Public propertyRestrictRequestToBuiltTimes
Set to true if riders can only request for dates and times that are build and have routes assigned
Public propertySameDayRequests
If a rider can request a trip for today
Public propertySecondaryTint
Public propertySecondaryTintString
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