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TripRequest Properties

The TripRequest type exposes the following members.

Public propertyapptTime
Public propertyApptTimeDisplay
Public propertyapptTimeEpoch
Public propertycarSeatDescription
Public propertyclientBirthdate
Public propertyclientBirthdateEpoch
Public propertyclientComments
Public propertyclientDisabilities
Public propertyclientEmail
Public propertyclientEquipment
Public propertyclientFirstName
Public propertyclientGender
M, F, Male, Female
Public propertyclientHomeAddress
Public propertyclientHomeAddress2
Public propertyclientHomeCity
Public propertyclientHomeState
Public propertyclientHomeZipCode
Public propertyclientInWC
Public propertyclientIsDisabled
Public propertyclientLastName
Public propertyclientLatitude
Public propertyclientLongitude
Public propertyclientMiddleName
Public propertyclientNeedsWCVan
Public propertyclientPhone
Public propertyclientRESTUrl
Public propertyclientWCType
Public propertydropOffAddress
Public propertydropOffAddress2
Public propertydropOffAddressDisplay
Public propertydropOffAddressFull
Public propertydropOffCity
Public propertydropOffLatitude
Public propertydropOffLongitude
Public propertydropOffPhone
Public propertydropOffPlaceName
Public propertydropOffState
Public propertydropOffTime
Public propertyDropOffTimeDisplay
Public propertydropOffTimeEpoch
Public propertydropOffZipCode
Public propertyExtraInformation
Public propertyExtraInformationDetail
Public propertyExtraRiderInformation
Public propertyfleetmanagerID
If populated to a valid fleetmanager id for this tripdate, it will attempt to automatically approve the request and assign the trip(s) to the route
Public propertyFullName
Public propertyFullNameWithComma
Public propertyimportClientID
Client ID that is internal to calling system. If no such ID existings, please generate a GUID and pass that in.
Public propertyimportTripID
ID that is internal to calling system. If no such ID exists, please generate a GUID and pass that in. Must be unique.
Public propertylevelOfService
Public propertynegotiatedDropOffTime
Public propertynegotiatedDropOffTimeEpoch
Public propertynegotiatedPickUpTime
Public propertynegotiatedPickUpTimeEpoch
Public propertynewPassword
Public propertyotherRiders
Public propertyparaPlanClientID
ParaPlan ID of client. Will be part of UserToken object.
Public propertyParaPlanRideID
Public propertypersonalCareAttendant
Public propertypickUpAddress
Public propertypickUpAddress2
Public propertypickUpAddressDisplay
Public propertypickUpAddressFull
Public propertypickUpCity
Public propertypickUpLatitude
Public propertypickUpLongitude
Public propertypickUpPhone
Public propertypickUpPlaceName
Public propertypickUpState
Public propertypickUpTime
Public propertyPickUpTimeDisplay
Public propertypickUpTimeEpoch
Public propertypickUpZipCode
Public propertyrecurrance
Public propertyrequesterEmail
Public propertyRequestTime
Public propertyreturnInformation
Public propertyreturnTime
Public propertyreturnTimeEpoch
Public propertyreturnType
How the rider is going to get back. 0 = One way, 1 = Call for return, 2 = Specific return time requested
Public propertytripComments
Public propertytripCost
Public propertytripMiles
Public propertytripProgram
The name of the program the trip will be performed under
Public propertytripSource
Public propertytripStatus
Public propertytripURL
Any url that is associated with this trip
Public propertyutcOffset
The time zone offset of the requesting user
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